how Tesla and Elon Musk are doing to the SUV what Apple did to the Phone

by Yutian Sun

So Beautiful, so revolutionary

The SUV is an interesting type of car. It’s designed to carry more people than a regular one and is beloved by soccer moms everywhere. But that undersells the SUV’s potential and by potential I mean the ability to change how we think of travel and transportation. Elon Musk, the great South African entrepreneur, who has changed our ideas about electric cars, space travel, and all sorts of things, has put his sights on the lowly SUV. And what he’s done with it is almost as wild as what Apple has done to the phone. So it’s with great anticipation that we await Musk’s new masterpiece. It’s not just a vehicle, but also a window into the future, and, most important of all, a new way of thinking. This is the beginning of the revolution.

The Model X was developed from the full-size sedan platform of the Tesla Model S but with more functions. The car features not only a great deal of the all-electric power train that powers Tesla’s existing cutting-edge technology, but also falcon wings, the largest all glass panoramic windshield, seating for seven, and an extra-large center screen that puts the vehicle’s controls at the driver's’ fingertips.

The prototype was produced at Tesla’s design studios in Los Angeles on February 9, 2012. Tesla planned to bring the Model X to market in early 2014. However, the company is rescheduling orders for late 2014 in order to achieve the production target of 20,000 Model S’s by February 2013. There are multiple reasons for the delay, such as problems with the falcon-wing doors, and cooling the motors when hauling the trailer. Model X will finally begin deliveries on September 29, 2015.

According to Elon Musk, Model X is the safest SUV in terms of side and frontal impact crashes, and is twice as safe compared to the next closest SUV in rollover tests. Also, it is fastest, and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. Model X is standard with the all-wheel drive and a 90 kWh battery providing 250 miles of range, and it’s ludicrously fast, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in as quickly as 3.2 seconds. And all that safety is put to good use: the Model X has enough space for even large families, containing enough seats for up to seven adults and luggage space.

Now you don't have to dress up, Tesla's SUV has you covered
But it’s not just standard safety that Musk is interested in. Thanks to a "Bioweapon Defense Mode," the Model X will keep you safe during a terrorist biological attack. It has a medical grade HEPA air filtration system 10 times larger than the average car with the added benefit that it strips outside viruses, pollution, and pollen before entering the cabin — a great reason to buy a Model X if you commute in particularly smoggy cities. This is what makes this SUV seem as if it’s coming out of a science fiction film.

The falcon wing doors make it easier to get in and out of the vehicle than traditional SUV. The doors have sensors in them which can adjust the height for opening the door to fit in different areas. Compared to traditional SUV’ doors, the Telsa responds to drives and passengers of different needs: the disabled, the old, children, and everyone else in between. Automatic keyless doors that allow automatic entry and exit is energy saving because the Model X runs on electricity.

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The Model X fits the demand of users who want to travel around with their families or large groups of people. The costs, unique exterior, and features of Tesla Model X also fits the demands of the luxury market, challenging Ferrari, Lamborghini in terms of high level design. And unlike those other cars, it’s actually easier to park the Model X. It’s both practical and ridiculously high style.

Tesla is a “young” brand in the vehicle industry. It has grown extremely fast in 13 years and that’s because it is not only looking to the future, but also defining it.

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